November 16, 2020

Version 6.10.0: MC 1.16.4 compatibility

Version 6.10.0: MC 1.16.4 compatibility
November 16, 2020

Version 6.9.0: Little things

Version 6.9.0: Little things
October 28, 2020

Version 6.8.0: And let there be light

Version 6.8.0: And let there be light
September 27, 2020

Version 6.7.2: Minecraft 1.16 Compatibility

Version 6.7.2: Minecraft 1.16 compatibility
January 5, 2020
done frodo lord of the rings

Version 6.6.0: Public Launch, 1.15, scheduled actions, …

Public launch, 1.15 supported, scheduled actions and much more.
November 9, 2019

Version 6.3.1: minecraft 1.14, colours, armors & mirror block

Support for Minecraft 1.14, color redesign and mirror block creation. Enough to drive your most experienced players crazy.
May 7, 2019

Version 5.2.0: Ups and Downs

Who has never dreamed of climbing into the sky like a bird ... in an elevator. Because that's the new feature I developed in this version.
March 2, 2019

Version 5.1.0: For adventure map’s makers

I come back to you with a major update that, in addition to an optimization that should relieve the least powerful computers, finally includes the features essential to creators of adventure cards, dungeons and other RPGs. Keys and locks … […]
February 8, 2019

Version 5.0.7

We left you without any news for a while now. Life had led us to take other paths… But here we are again ! Motivated and with great news: Version 5.0.7 is out! The main innovation is the refactoring of […]
July 21, 2018

Just a game

Good morning everyone, If I put pen to paper today, it’s for your beautiful eyes, to keep you up to date because we have a strong tendency of doing things in our corner without giving any news. A game in […]