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Founder, Developper, Webmaster, SysAdmin, Puzzle maker, ...

tries to remain curious and passionate about everything and everyone

Handmade level design since 1998
Games created with love, that you will leave with rage 🙃


Developper, ...

Passionate about everything I touch

Every detail is important

But many others have participated

  • Zirios

  • The forgotten anonymous

  • Stellaros

  • skujie

  • Reill_EU

  • Redomfighter

  • RedHeadEmile

  • Noléler

  • Michel

  • MaxT

  • Loyurs

  • Lockyane | Laure

  • LeRoiTigre

  • Joshua C F

  • IDo | Fabio

  • Icepect

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  • ExterMiner | Michael

  • Exe siGa

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  • Endive

  • ElleSsar / iFa

  • Edofo / Nolan

  • Dams

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  • Baptiste | Garance

  • Arthur Dolimier | Ghost290

  • Alex Rogers

  • Ak_Hiro

  • AeRogue

  • Ady | WriteEscape

Skytale and The Last Artifact

In addition to our work on the Lasers-Enigma plugin, we are members of the Skytale association.

As part of this organization, we are developing "The last artifact", a scripted adventure map, including voice acting, immersive sound design and gameplay based on the Lasers-Enigma features.

For more information, please visit the Skytale website.


We are always ready to recruit and offer training to people who already have a minimum level of skills.
Of course, this is only on condition that they are motivated, reliable and ready to commit themselves in the medium term.

We are mainly looking for the following skills:

  • Java Spigot/Paper development
  • Beta testing
  • Webmastering
  • 2D/3D graphics / MotionDesign
  • Environment Art / Build ingame
  • In-game video shooting / editing
  • Level design / Puzzle creation