Create, Solve, Share

The minecraft plugin

This minecraft plugin will let you create puzzles based on lasers.
Your players will be able to solve them (and to create some too, if you allow it).
The puzzles can be shared as "schematic" (like you would do using worldedit).



Within a puzzle area, you can place many modular components.
The variety of possibilities available to you will allow you to create new puzzles over and over again.





Download the latest plugin version.

Download dependencies:
- WorldEdit or FastAsyncWorldEdit
- NoteblockAPI
- LightAPI
- [Optional] DungeonsXL

Paste all these .jar files inside your server's "/plugins/" folder.


When you will have rebooted your server the plugin configuration folder will appear inside your "/plugins" folder.

Then you will be able to modify many things, including changing the language. Restart the server again for these changes to be applied.

Create your first puzzle

Type the /lasers command to start !