Founder, Developper, Webmaster, SysAdmin, Scriptwriter

29 years old, trying to stay curious and passionate about everything and everyone.
"The best handmade level design since 1998.
- Games created with love, that you will leave with rage"

Baptiste | Garance

Voice Actor, Designer, Scriptwriter

Baptiste | Garance My name is Baptiste, 21 years old.
I love these little worlds we create in our heads. I like it when they express themselves in image, sound and movement. I like it when they have gone from person to person to live their own lives independently.
I work on the scenario and voice acting part of the adventure map project.

Ady | WriteEscape

Developer, SysAdmin, Betatestor

I'm a Java programmer who specialises in creating multi-version plugins. I am one of the few members of the team who doesn't speak French.



Graphic designer & puzzle designer, my purpose is to make attractive games people will suffer in

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