Ady | WriteEscape

Developer, SysAdmin, Betatestor

I'm a Java programmer who specialises in creating multi-version plugins. I am one of the few members of the team who doesn't speak French.


Translator, Texture maker

AeRogue, 20 years old, I am one of the translators of the plugin in English and German but also deal dru... custom heads. Other activities: Management of an online community oriented towards development, Dev' for an early childhood society, WebDev and SysAdmin for a modded server and creator of Discord bots. Some of my passions: music (mainly jazz and swing), astronomy, computer science, video games, aeronautic, weapons and robotics.

Alex Rogers


Hello there! I'm Alex, otherwise known as Skyhighjinks! I'm 18 years old and I'm a self-taught developer! I've started my journey to contribute to other projects rather than small individual projects I'm used to! I eventually want to learn Game Development and Machine Learning (Neural Networks and such)! I also join Ady on being one of the only members of the team who doesn't speak french, well not understandable french.

Baptiste | Garance

Voice Actor, Designer, Scriptwriter

Baptiste | Garance My name is Baptiste, 21 years old.
I love these little worlds we create in our heads. I like it when they express themselves in image, sound and movement. I like it when they have gone from person to person to live their own lives independently.
I work on the scenario and voice acting part of the adventure map project.


Founder, Developper, Webmaster, SysAdmin, Manager, Scriptwriter

29 years old, trying to stay curious and passionate about everything and everyone.
"The best handmade level design since 1998.
- Games created with love, that you will leave with rage"



Graphic designer & puzzle designer, my purpose is to make attractive games people will suffer in

ElleSsar / iFa

Sound Designer

Music Producer / Sound designer et couilles breaker professionel

Exe siGa


31 years old, loves extreme sports, high tech and my wife.

Arthur Dolimier | Ghost290


Arthur, 20 years old, self-taught developer now studying at university in the United States. I am passionate about all programming languages and learning how they work. Java is still my preferred language.

IDo | Fabio


My name is Fabio. I'm 18 years old and I really appreciate architecture (until I want to make it my job)! I'm the manager of the Alvyre team, focused on building. With Reill_EU, we are in charge of creating all the sets in which players will evolve. I find Minecraft to be a fantastic experimental ground for combining real and unreal architecture.

Lockyane | Laure


Laure, builder and admin of Team Alvyre. High level rider and judokate in hope pole. 18 years old. Draw in her spare time. Professional project: Magistrate in international law.



My name is Louis. I'm 19 years old. I have been passionate about Minecraft for years! I am mainly interested in the creativity that this game, rich in possibilities, opportunities. Beyond being a beta tester for the lasers-enigma project, I create a Roleplay project that uses this plugin. I want to encourage everyone to share this project and give support to the team.



I went to school for 17 years, all to get a BTS DG. The cycle of education is supposed to be "move forward" as is the desired goal of life, while still leaving me a few moments to run around in circles on Minecraft. My name is Alexander; and I'm not curly.

But many others have participated

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