What is it?

We are currently working on the creation of a story-driven adventure map, with quality dubbing, immersive sound design and a gameplay based on the Lasers Enigma plugin.

This project is carried out in partnership with the Skytale association.

In short?

I started the project with a desire to provide a quality gaming experience for players. This resulted in what I believe to be an original, educational, playful and cooperative (rather than competitive) gameplay.

When the plugin was well advanced, I wanted to publish it along with content showing creators and players how to use it to its full extent. After some great meetings, this goal quickly turned into a full game project.

We worked a lot on a first scenario but it was huge. We could not have finished this project because of the monumental amount of work it would have required. So we stopped this first project and, a few months later, I joined the Skytale association to work with them on a new scenario.

With the whole Skytale team, which includes about forty skilled and organised members, we will be able to make this new project a success. And we are working on it now!

Interested in joining us?

In Lasers Enigma team, we are mainly looking for Java developers, minecraft video creators (in-game shooting) and video editors. If you are willing to join us, please contact us on discord to apply.

If you are want to join the Skytale team instead, you can refer to their recruitment platform.