What the hell is this ?

We are a group of people currently creating a game within Minecraft.

This game is of course based on the Lasers Enigma plugin (which was made to create, solve and share enigmas based on light), but this is not all:

  • An original scenario (with the participation of 2 professional scriptwriters).
  • Beautiful builds (made by our builders, especially our partner: Team Alvyre).
  • Nice voice-acting (probably made by one of our potential external collaborators: Creative Community).
  • Innovating enigmas made by experienced level designers.
  • Amazing ending/introduction cinematics and illustrations (with the participation of 4 professional designers/artists).
  • An immersive sound design (made by a professional sound designer).
  • An additional plugin made to provide even more original gameplay (By professional and amateur Java developers).
  • This website will also contain the trailer and the game's walkthrough / solutions (with the participation of professional and amateur video makers, web developers, voice actors, designers/artists and translators).

Who are those crazy people ?

The Lasers Enigma's members includes java developers, web developers, scriptwriters, graphic designers (gfx and vfx), builders, beta-testers, voice actors, community managers, ...

You can find many more information about all our members on our team page.

Why did they start this madness?

I started the project wanting to do something that brings me a sense of accomplishment as well as provide a deep experience to players. I believe this resulted in an original gameplay, educational, fun and cooperative (rather than competitive).

Once the plugin was advanced enough, I wanted to publish it along with some content showing creators and players its full use. Following beautiful encounters, this quickly turned into a whole game project.

We create an original work, not a product to be sold in bulk.

Our goals are quite fluctuating in our minds as, like everyone, we are attracted by the prospect of being able to live from our passions. But we remain clear on the fact that we do all this for our pleasure and that of others first. We also express our creativity and try to reach a sense of accomplishment.

We would enjoy fame and financial rewards but that's not our goal. We will still put in place a communication giving us chances in these areas. The biggest problem is about the potential economic model: crowdfunding, advertising, .... And although we do not appreciate all these models and especially the constraints that result from them, we still hesitate on this subject because of our own financial constraints.

What are they gibbering about ?

Baptiste (Garance) and I (Benjamin aka bZx) began working on the script very early, and today it is finally taking shape, thanks to long hours of collective thinking with many people, but also thanks to the skills and professionalism of our scriptwriters - Charles and Maxime - that brought us a salutary help.

Without giving you a pitch here, which is not ready yet, I'd rather inform you about our overall intentions.

Those of Baptiste (Garance):

To tell a story with a poetic background mixed with science fiction, in an environment of anticipation, centered on two beings, separated from their worlds of origin, who ally and find themselves in mutual aid and compassion.

Tell this story from a neutral point of view (without good or bad, life is much more complex than that and some of its elements remain elusive, and it does not matter!). Tell it as well from a smaller, more comfortable, simpler, more limited point of view, facing infinitely larger events. This should highlight the relativity of the inside and the outside, of the self and the world, resulting in a emotional and aesthetic feeling that relies on its contrast.

Do not be afraid to make an original or unconventional work even if it still somehow has to go for a compromise between popularity and originality. It will find its audience no matter what happens and it must above all have a strong personality, clear aesthetic feelings, themes and intentions.

And mine (Benjamin aka bZx):

Transmit, with humor and finesse, in a vast context of science fiction (or anticipation), concepts of philosophy, psychology, sociology, biology, physics, logic, ... In short : hard sciences and human sciences with a relative goal of popular education.

To encourage curiosity, introspection, to consider things with logic and hindsight, to always look for thinking alternatives so as not to sink into simplistic visions. Avoid the easy answer of belief to assume our ignorance and thus move towards true knowledge.

The vertigo that arises from approaching these different concepts can be anxiety-provoking for some, never mind. It must be powerful, even if it disturbs us (just like good liquors). Most of people avoid or do not have the opportunity to discover those. I wish on the contrary to force them to approach these concepts in a strong frontal way through thoughts experiences which will sometimes put players kind of ill at ease. This way, they should be able to see the many hidden beauties it can provide. Those of entanglements, complex systems that never cease to surprise us. Those from the scales of time, size and abstraction that keep amazing us. But above all, those of the abyss of our own ignorance, which in my eyes leads to wisdom through humility and to true and universal compassion.

This scenario is about artificial intelligence and consciousness, individuality and emergence, scales of time and size, perfection and immobility, compassion and understanding, life and the death.
In short, an exhaustive list of topics is basically impossible for me at the moment.

So that will be all for now. To know more about the scenario, you will need to be patient.

Their partners in crime

VPS and Game Servers Hosting
Minecraft Building Team

Want to join the faction ?

For now we are mainly looking for java developers, minecraft video makers, video montage experts and community managers. But, if you are motivated, whatever your skills are, they would be very appreciated !

Use the contact form or discord if you want to apply or simply reach us.